Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our mom is so dumb!!!

We are still meowing out loud about what our silly mom did yesterday. Our mom has been parking in the university's stadium parking lot and riding the Cardinal Shuttle to the other side of campus where her office is. It usually works out better that way since parking is almost unlimited there.  When she left work yesterday, she hopped on the shuttle and rode to the stadium, got off the shuttle and started walking to her SUV...and then she remembered that she didn't park in the stadium lot yesterday!  She had parked in the designated "blue" lot that the shuttle bus had already passed. Mom had to get back on the shuttle and ride almost the full circuit around the campus again to get to her vehicle. Isn't that funny?!!!!

We are also purring for the family of our friend, Sheriff John Wayne, who crossed the Bridge yesterday. He was part of the Looney Coons who live in California. He has joined his brofur Bart (who greeted him with a good washing!).

Sheriff John Wayne, ? - 10/12/2012


  1. Purrs to the Sheriff's family....

    Mom laughed at your mom's story. Mom was coming home from a trip to Chicago with some friends and got on the wrong airport parking shuttle. She figured it out, got off and got on the right one. Her phone went off with a text "you ok?" snicker....

  2. As long as she doesn't furget to bring home kitteh food....

  3. Purrs to Sheriff John Wayne's family. I am sure they are missing him terribly.

  4. The things humans do!

    We're sorry about your friend's passing.