Sunday, September 25, 2011

I was a naughty cat last night: Daisy Thistlechaser

Mom had gone up to Cincinnati for the "Time Traveler's Ball" last night and it was about 2am when she got home. She was tired and cranky because she didn't have a very good time. And I had to add to her crankiness because I bolted out the front door as she was coming in. She didn't even see me get out because I was so quick! My uncle saw me and tattled! Mom had to go back outside and watch for me so I wouldn't run off. She knew I was in the bushes beside the front steps. Luckily for her a loud car drove down the street and my uncle happened to have the front door open. I heard that car and I ran right back in the house! Mom fussed at me for running out to begin with. I don't know why she was so mad at me.

Daisy T.


  1. Sorry your humans spoiled your big adventure, Daisy, but it was probably just as well. I think the outdoors is kind of scary!

  2. Daisy !!! You are so playful and smart kitty : )
    Take Care

  3. Daisy, we can't imagine why your mom was made at your, either. ;-)

    We're glad nothing bad happened to you, though!

  4. Daisy thank goodness you made it home safe and sound! Cars can be scary at night and they can't see kitties in the dark!

  5. See? You were just trying to distract your Mom!