Friday, July 29, 2011

Vera the Pitbull Pup Needs Uber Prayers and Purrs

Mom read about Vera the pitbull's injuries and saw a picture of her on Facebook yesterday morning. She got the rest of the story when she let us visit MeowMail. Below is what our friend, Tootsie, posted about Vera:

Posted by Tootsie on 7/27/2011, 11:38 pm

Tonight a woman rushed her six month old pitbull in to Moms work. The pup had gotten out the gate and went to the neighbors. There, it grabbed a rooster. Rooster was not hurt. The neighbor used scissors and scalped the pup and cut off her ear. Literally. She cut the other ear. This pup licked Moms face and wagged her tail the whole time that Mom cared for her. Please say purrs for this sweet sweet pup. Her name is Vera. The neighbor was arrested.

And here is an update on Vera

Posted by Tootsie on 7/28/2011, 9:33 pm, in reply to "Hey, Tootsie!"

Vera had surgery today. They stitched the half-cut ear, and closed the wounds where the other ear used to be. They tried to pull the scalped area closed just a little and put tension stitches in to pull the skin and make it go toward the middle so it can scar up.

Veras mom called the news. Hopefully lots of people hear about it and everyone rallies for Vera. Hopefully Vera can remain brave and actually heal. That is what we hope. And we remain marveled that vera can still share love with the human race.

We have posted a picture of Vera taken at the vet's office. It is a link only because the PICTURE IS GRAPHIC. We know it will upset some of our readers. You have been warned:

Vera's Picture

We will keep everyone updated on Vera.

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