Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy July!

We hope everyone State side had a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. We spent the holiday home with our uncle while mom was away in North Carolina. She left on Thursday, June 30 and returned home on Tuesday, July 5. Mom visited our Aunt Torchy and our cousins, Wick, Gracie, and Alfred. This was her first meeting with Alfred and she said he really should have been named "Squishy."

Mom said Alfred is the one of the sweetest kitties she has ever met. He slept with her several nights, and even slept on her according to Aunt Torchy. Mom woke up the first morning with Alfred wrapped around the top of her head! She said he was purring and purring and rubbing his face all over her head. Alfred gets along well with both Wick and Gracie. He and Wick like to wrestle and both of the boys LOVE the laser pointer. Gracie totally ignores the laser pointer.

Mom loves to visit Aunt Torchy but she said the drive is brutal. It's approximately 9 hours. She didn't have to drive in rain this time so she made better time. Don't tell anyone, but mom has a "lead foot" too.

One last thing...Mom asked us to thank everyone for their well wishes concerning her fall and her scraped up knee. It has healed up nicely, although the scars are ugly. She is hoping those will fade with time. She promises to be more careful in the future!


  1. Glad you checked in! I hope you guys weren't too annoyed that your human came home with that dreaded "other cat smell" on her clothes!

  2. Oh noes! MOmmy did not know about your mommy I don't thInk because she types with 1 finger left hand and barely makes cOmments & she apologizes all the tome. We are so sorry she went thru that. My mommy is too. Xoxox and hope to have the cast off soon so mOm can comment mire kitties.

  3. Happy July to you too!
    Glad you are healing up well!