Monday, July 25, 2011

A brief break from the hots!!!

Hi kitties!!! It stormed here yesterday afternoon and the temps dropped about 10 degrees. It's still humid, but not as bad as it has been. Mom said it wasn't horribly unpleasant when she left for work this morning.

Not much to tell you from our house. Mostly it's staying inside and cool with the drapes drawn and the air conditioning running. Mom misses looking outside as much as we do, but keeping the curtains closed helps keep the house cooler.

Daisy had her yearly check up on Saturday morning. She weighed in a 9.4 lbs. Our vet said that was a good weight and she has been holding steady there. Her heart and lungs sounded great, nothing unusual was found. She received her rabies vaccine and her distemper vaccine. She also got a claw trim.

Mom made an appointment to take Fred in for his check up and vaccine(s) in two weeks.

Stay cool kitties!!!


  1. It is way too hot to go outside. It is a few degrees cooler here but not a whole lot. But anything is better than the 99 degrees. Hope all of you can stay nice and cool. Take care.

  2. We had a wonderful break from the hots yesterday, but the temps are climbing back up to "ugly" territory this week.

    We're glad Daisy's check up went well and all is okay!

  3. That's all good news...except for the clippy claws...well, now Daisy has a project!

  4. We finally dropped into the double digits this weekend. Slowly climbing back up, though.

    Mom Paula

  5. yep we were actually a "chilly" 87 today lol...

    We also have everything closed up tight as a drum.

    I get tired of looking at everything being all closed up but it DOES help with the internal temp.

  6. I'm so glad the heat wave is starting to break for all my friends who have been affected!

  7. Hooray for Miss Daisy, and Lucky her ! Don't need to do diet ( every times, I went to see my VET, she always told me that )

    I hope the wether is cold down for you so soon !