Monday, July 18, 2011

Mancat Monday: Spunky

We are going to have a long run of the HOTS this week. The humidity levels are high and mom said it feels like she is walking through soup when she steps outside. We had two rain showers come through yesterday. But instead of cooling things down the rain only made the air feel more heavy and sticky.

Spunky is giving us a big yawn and going back to sleep in the air conditioned comfort of our home!!!


  1. Yep, we're back to the hots here too, but a couple of days of not-so-hot was darn nice!

  2. Be thankful for a/c! Our heat index is into the 90s and heading up to well over 100F later this week (43C), but we don't have any a/c at home! We're desperate, we tell you.

    Stay cool!

  3. Walking through soup!? Well, I hope it was at least like walking through chicken soup!

  4. Spunky--yet another example of Cats being smarter than humans!

  5. we are having the same "hots" as you and we hate it.

    We are supposed to be in the mid to upper 90s all week. And humid. It's disgusting.

    Thank God for air conditioning

  6. I wish I could stay inside with the AC!

    I'm back blogging. I have a new blog set up for the future furchildren that will come to live with me in September. The name of the blog is Sweet Purrfections. Please feel free to come by and visit at

    Mom Paula