Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Picture of Our Mom....With Alice Cooper

This is our mom with Alice Cooper. The picture was taken Saturday night at the pre-show meet and greet. Mom is such a dork...

A professional photographer took pictures of the people who purchased the VIP tickets and mom got the link tonight. Like we said, she is a dork.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twas the Wednesday Before Christmas....

We were away for a few days because Mom took off and went to Phoenix, Arizona for a long weekend. When she left us on Thursday morning it was cold and the roads were icy covered here. When she arrived in Phoenix is was cool and raining. However, Mom said the weather improved each day and by Sunday it was 75 and sunny. She came home on Monday to 32 and snow flurries.

So why did Mom go to Arizona? Every December, usually around the weekend before Christmas, Alice Cooper hosts a charity concert/variety show in Phoenix. It is a fund raiser for the Solid Rock Foundation. This is the fourth year in a row that Mom has gone. She has friends that fly in from around the US and England and they all meet up there. Mom was very excited because one of the performers at this year's show was Rob Zombie. Being cats and all, we don't really understand her fascination with him, but she IS only human! Anymew, she's been walking on the clouds since she got home because she got to met him on Saturday night. Whatever...

Mom promises to help us introduce Lily, Memphis, Puff, Sable, Serendipity, and Spunky before the year is out. But for now, we have to let mom get back to work!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introducing Jazzpurr

Mom has fallen behind on introducing us. So far you've met Bandit, Batman, Clarissa, Daisy, Fiona, Fred, and Ginger. Now it's time to meet me!

My name is Jazzpurr and I am a "Rubenesque" tortie-girl.  I wasn't always an ample sized kitty. As a matter of fact, I was on the thin side when mom adopted me from my foster home. She also adopted Serendipity at the same time since we had bonded together.

I was adopted in October 2004. I was 2 years old then. Now I'm 8 and still love being in my forever home. If I'm not napping on the cat tree, I can be found in mom's bed. Bandit and I will chase each other around the house and we wrestle a lot too.  That usually starts with some aggressive grooming. He tries to wash my face, then I try to wash his face, then it becomes a wrestling match, and then it becomes a race through the house.

Mom says I have a fantastic purr, and I love to have her scratch my back. Unfortunately I have a problem with getting mats in my back-fur.  Even though my fur is short, it is thick and dense, and I have a hard time grooming it.  I hate to let mom trim the mats off of me but it has to be done. I suppose I should let her brush me more often and then I wouldn't have that problem!

That's me in November 2010
My tummy picture

On mom's bed

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. And if any of your boy furs are looking for a girlfriend...I'm just sayin'.

I'm a jazzy girl, in a tortie world....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cold in Kentucky!

Hi all! We hope all of our friends who celebrated Thanksgiving enjoyed their holiday. Mom went to North Carolina to visit our Aunt Torchy. We got to stay home with our uncle who took good care of us. Mom left town on Wednesday and got home on Sunday night. We sure missed her while she was away!

As you can see, mom changed our background today. Now we have the festive Christmas design. She said she is going to put a tree up this year. We'll see how that goes. She has a vintage 1959 aluminum Christmas tree, complete with rotating stand and the colored light wheel that shines on the tree. It sounds kind of tacky to us, but that's our mom! Two years ago she bought two "leg lamps" for the living room. They are like the lamps from the movie "A Christmas Story." Anymew, mom said when she was a little girl her own grandmother had an aluminum tree. Mom found this one on e-bay. Let's hope it looks good!

Fiona is under the weather. This is the first time she has been sick since joined our family. Mom noticed her right eye (and her only eye) looking "blinkey" on Monday night. Last night it was swollen and by this morning poor Fiona looked like someone had punched her! Her eye was completely swollen closed. Mom dropped her off at the vet on the way to work. Poor Fiona has conjunctivitis probably caused by the feline herpes virus. Dr. B said they put a warm compress on Fiona's eye and she seemed to like that. And they've already put the first doses on antibiotic ointment in her eye. She'll have to have that three times daily. She also has a bit of congestion in her sinuses. Fiona isn't running a fever, so that is good news for her. And she has lost a pound since she was in during the spring. Dr. B wants to see her again on Friday for a follow-up regarding her eye. It's always something around our house!

It rained here all day yesterday and then turned cold. We had snow flurries this morning. The temperature isn't suppose to leave the 30s today. Brrrrr....

Time to nap on mom's bed: