Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cold in Kentucky!

Hi all! We hope all of our friends who celebrated Thanksgiving enjoyed their holiday. Mom went to North Carolina to visit our Aunt Torchy. We got to stay home with our uncle who took good care of us. Mom left town on Wednesday and got home on Sunday night. We sure missed her while she was away!

As you can see, mom changed our background today. Now we have the festive Christmas design. She said she is going to put a tree up this year. We'll see how that goes. She has a vintage 1959 aluminum Christmas tree, complete with rotating stand and the colored light wheel that shines on the tree. It sounds kind of tacky to us, but that's our mom! Two years ago she bought two "leg lamps" for the living room. They are like the lamps from the movie "A Christmas Story." Anymew, mom said when she was a little girl her own grandmother had an aluminum tree. Mom found this one on e-bay. Let's hope it looks good!

Fiona is under the weather. This is the first time she has been sick since joined our family. Mom noticed her right eye (and her only eye) looking "blinkey" on Monday night. Last night it was swollen and by this morning poor Fiona looked like someone had punched her! Her eye was completely swollen closed. Mom dropped her off at the vet on the way to work. Poor Fiona has conjunctivitis probably caused by the feline herpes virus. Dr. B said they put a warm compress on Fiona's eye and she seemed to like that. And they've already put the first doses on antibiotic ointment in her eye. She'll have to have that three times daily. She also has a bit of congestion in her sinuses. Fiona isn't running a fever, so that is good news for her. And she has lost a pound since she was in during the spring. Dr. B wants to see her again on Friday for a follow-up regarding her eye. It's always something around our house!

It rained here all day yesterday and then turned cold. We had snow flurries this morning. The temperature isn't suppose to leave the 30s today. Brrrrr....

Time to nap on mom's bed:


  1. Poor Fiona, it is very worrying that something is wrong with her eye when she only has one!!! I hope the ointment helps her to be better soon.

    To tree or not to tree...that is the question around here :-)

  2. Lots of healing purrs for Fiona. You might try 250mg of L-Lysine for her every day -- it's an amino acid that binds to the molecules of the herpes virus and lessens the symptoms and duration. The mom's given it to us for years, started off every day, which is great as an ongoing preventative, and now just gives us 500 mg per day when we get a cold. She buys it in powder-filled capsules that she just breaks apart and mixes with our canned food.

  3. I hate to hear that about sweet Fiona, I'm sending lots and lots of purrs too! That Kea is pretty darn smart!

  4. praying that Fiona will be ok...thinking of you!

  5. I'm sending Fiona lots of purrs to help her get better soon! Sorry, I can't do much about the weather...

  6. Wow! You got a cuddle pile going there!

    We're sorry to hear Fiona isn't feeling good. We hope she is better soon.

  7. Mommy is TOTALLY jealous of your aluminum tree...she remembers them as a kid. Man, she is OLD.
    Purrs for Fiona, we understand about it's always something!