Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Introducing Jazzpurr

Mom has fallen behind on introducing us. So far you've met Bandit, Batman, Clarissa, Daisy, Fiona, Fred, and Ginger. Now it's time to meet me!

My name is Jazzpurr and I am a "Rubenesque" tortie-girl.  I wasn't always an ample sized kitty. As a matter of fact, I was on the thin side when mom adopted me from my foster home. She also adopted Serendipity at the same time since we had bonded together.

I was adopted in October 2004. I was 2 years old then. Now I'm 8 and still love being in my forever home. If I'm not napping on the cat tree, I can be found in mom's bed. Bandit and I will chase each other around the house and we wrestle a lot too.  That usually starts with some aggressive grooming. He tries to wash my face, then I try to wash his face, then it becomes a wrestling match, and then it becomes a race through the house.

Mom says I have a fantastic purr, and I love to have her scratch my back. Unfortunately I have a problem with getting mats in my back-fur.  Even though my fur is short, it is thick and dense, and I have a hard time grooming it.  I hate to let mom trim the mats off of me but it has to be done. I suppose I should let her brush me more often and then I wouldn't have that problem!

That's me in November 2010
My tummy picture

On mom's bed

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. And if any of your boy furs are looking for a girlfriend...I'm just sayin'.

I'm a jazzy girl, in a tortie world....


  1. Hi Jazzpurr, it's great to meet you! You're so gorgeous that we suspect the mancats will be lining up for your attentions!

  2. Hi Jazzpurr. What a great name. Hope ur sister Fiona is all better by now. You should have no trouble finding a mancat.

  3. WooHoo! That last picture will have the ManCats lining up at your door...three deep! Nice to meet you, Jazzpurr.

  4. Nice to meet you, Jazzpurr! My tortie roommate, Binga is also really into wrestling.

  5. Hi Jazzpurr!!

    You are beautiful!

    So nice to meet you!