Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twas the Wednesday Before Christmas....

We were away for a few days because Mom took off and went to Phoenix, Arizona for a long weekend. When she left us on Thursday morning it was cold and the roads were icy covered here. When she arrived in Phoenix is was cool and raining. However, Mom said the weather improved each day and by Sunday it was 75 and sunny. She came home on Monday to 32 and snow flurries.

So why did Mom go to Arizona? Every December, usually around the weekend before Christmas, Alice Cooper hosts a charity concert/variety show in Phoenix. It is a fund raiser for the Solid Rock Foundation. This is the fourth year in a row that Mom has gone. She has friends that fly in from around the US and England and they all meet up there. Mom was very excited because one of the performers at this year's show was Rob Zombie. Being cats and all, we don't really understand her fascination with him, but she IS only human! Anymew, she's been walking on the clouds since she got home because she got to met him on Saturday night. Whatever...

Mom promises to help us introduce Lily, Memphis, Puff, Sable, Serendipity, and Spunky before the year is out. But for now, we have to let mom get back to work!


  1. I'm glad your Mom is back and I'll bet that was a good time!

  2. Woooo hooo! "Welcome to my nightmare!!"

  3. My human thinks that must have been a lot of fun! That is her type of music. In fact, she used to be a rock journalist full time and one of her former co-workers now works for Alice's radio show! (Like I care about that... I like this woman's husband, though - he is very active in trying to rescue shelter kitties in New York City. THAT is very cool!)