Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Picture of Our Mom....With Alice Cooper

This is our mom with Alice Cooper. The picture was taken Saturday night at the pre-show meet and greet. Mom is such a dork...

A professional photographer took pictures of the people who purchased the VIP tickets and mom got the link tonight. Like we said, she is a dork.


  1. I think that's pretty darn cool too!!!

  2. OMG, so cool :-) My girlfriends and I used to love his "Welcome to my Nightmare" album circa 1978, where Vincent Price is featured doing some narration - LOL!!! Does anyone remember that?

  3. your Mom isn't a dork!! lol! I would have done the same thing...but....when the heck did Alice Cooper get sooooo darned OLD!!??

  4. She's not a cool that she got her picture taken with Alice Cooper!!

  5. Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  6. Oh my cats, lookit that.
    Mine Daddy Charley would go crazy for a chance to be photo'd wif Alice Cooper.
    You betcha they remember Welcome To My Nightmare. Vincent Price won some kind of award fur that album.
    Effurryone remembers Schools Out.
    Love & Purrs,