Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is Here!!!!

Spring has arrived and mom opened up some of the windows last night. We cats kept jockeying around for the best positions so we could breath in the fresh air. I (Clarissa) finally got in the recliner with mom and took a nap while she did some knitting. I love to nap near her, but a lot of times that little brat, Fiona, will steal my nappy spot! And Memphis is almost glued to mom's lap. He loves to snuggle with her.

Mom has to keep an eye on Daisy. She likes to bolt out the front door and hide in the bushes in front of the house. Daisy was an outdoor kitty before she came to live with us. She's lived in a real house now for almost two full year but she still thinks she should go outside. Mom says that isn't going to happen and she just needs to get use to being an indoor kitty now.

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