Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pet Food Recall...Tragic Results

We are still in shock over the petfood recall by MenuFoods. It effected something like 95 products/brands - all canned food and pouches of moist food. Fortunately, it didn't effect our fur family. We all eat dry food and get moist food as an occasional treat. Mom had about a half case of Iams canned food, but it was safe. We had been eating it long before the recall happened (we've had the canned food well over a year). However, mom is putting it out in the trash tonight. Even though she knows it is safe she said she feels nervous about giving it to us.

Mom read 3 short stories of pets who lost there lives due to the tainted food (it had some type of rat poison in it that was most likely on the imported wheat gluttin). She had to stop reading because she knew it would make her cry. What hurt the most was the guilt the purrents had for feeding the bad food to their cats and dogs. Of course they didn't know the food was bad! And they never meant to harm their furbabies. It makes us all furry sad. Our purrayers are with them.

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