Monday, March 26, 2007

Just another Memphis Monday....

I've been in my furever home for about a month now. I love it soooo much. I have good food, a soft bed, and I love to wrestle with my bigger brother, Bandit. It's getting a little too warm to get under the blankets in mom's bed now, but if I'm feeling cold I like to cover myself up. I had myself totaly buried one. Mom didn't even know I was in her bed until Bandit jumped up there. He landed on me and I had to pop my head out to see who was practically laying on me.

Chita and Nala (fur friends from a message board) call me "Tennessee Tuxedo." Sometimes I'm known as "Elvis" too. I guess that just comes with having the name "Memphis." Maybe they don't realize that Memphis was a great city in Egypt.

Here's a couple of pictures of me in mom's bed:

I think I'm very handsome. Don't you?


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