Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday...sort of

Kitties! Do you remember baby Poe? He was the little black kitten mom found at work. He had been dumped in the parking lot. She took him home and then to the vet for an exam, then he took a long car ride to North Carolina, and then he took another car ride to South Carolina with his forever mom and dad. Here are a few pictures to refresh your memory:

Who are you?

Where is my dinner?!!!

Are you my new mom?

When mom found Poe the vet estimated his age to be around 8 weeks. That meant that Poe was probably born in June. So without further adieu, here are a couple of pictures of  1 year old Poe:

As you can see, Poe has grown up to be a very handsome mancat and house panther! Nancy said he is still a mama's boy and loves to be in her lap or next to her. Mom said that Poe reminds her very much of Sable. Not so much in looks (although Sable is also a house panther) but in personality and behavior. Sable is mom's personal "lap fungus"

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing pictures of cousin Poe with us!


  1. Poe sure is handsome! We're glad he's doing well.

  2. ~~ waves two ewe poe, ewe iz lookin total lee handsum !!! hope all iz well; pleez stop bak again sum time oh kay !!♥♥♥