Monday, July 18, 2016

A note from my brother, "Stinky" Fred

My sweet brother Fred has asked me if he could share his letter to our friends. Of course I said yes.

Dear Friends,

I have always been a thin guy, but I have been losing weight. Mom guessed my weight to be about 5 lbs. and she was right. I went to the vet on Friday morning and I weighed 5.2 lbs. The last time I was weighed was 3 years ago and I was around 8 lbs.

"Stinky Fred" is mom's nickname for me. I've always had really bad breath, but I've always had chronic gingivitis. Due to my kidney disease the vet said he doesn't think having my teeth cleaned is a good idea. The anesthesia isn't good for my system and he is afraid that I wouldn't come out of it. 

The vet didn't feel anything unusual in my belly area. He and mom agreed that I should have a full blood panel ran. Dr. R. also suggested sub-q fluids and a B-12 shot. He took me in the back and they shaved my neck, stole my blood, etc. The whole time I was back there I was singing the song of my people: "Help! Help! The vet is a stabby person!" Mom could hear me and she said it was a totally different type of meow than what I make a home. Dr. R. told mom that I should have fluids administer two more days and then every other day for the foreseeable future.
Mom got the lab results from my blood workup and it is as mom feared. My weight loss is due to the progression of my kidney disease. It makes mom furry sad. I wasn't surprised to get the official diagnoses, nor was mom. I've had problems with my kidneys since I was about 4 years old (I'm about 10 years old now). Mom said she will do everything she can to slow the progression, but she is aware that it will eventually take me away from her. With the proper diet, and sub-q fluids every other day, I'm hoping I will have a few good years left with her. But I have promised her that when I am ready to go to my mansion, I will let her know. And she has promised me that, although it will hurt her heart, she will help me cross the Bridge with dignity and comfort. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Purrs and head bonks!
"Stinky" Fred


Since getting the fluids and the B-12 shot, my appetite has improved and I'm eating my prescription kibble (I don't like the canned prescription food). I don't look as thin, but that is from the fluids.



  1. I'm glad the shot and the fluids helped, Fred. I am sending you lots of purrs - CKD is so hard, and I think sometimes it is even harder on the humans than it is on the kitty who has it.

  2. We're glad to hear the shot and fluids are helping. We're sending purrs for a longer quality life for you.

  3. Purrs and hugs from all of us too. We know the Mom will do her absolute best to help you pal.

  4. Fred, we're sorry to hear you're having kidney problems. We're glad the fluids and shot are helping you. Those B12 shots are really good. I had one when my appetite was a bit off and it helped me. The vet told the mom I could have one every month if I needed it, but I haven't. We sending you lots of purrs...

  5. kidnee kibble iz prette good iznt it; eye hafta eat it now two....N eye did knot like de canned stuff either...whoa...eye think eye wooda rather had a burd...we hope with de new foodz & yur treet mint... ya haz lotz N lotz & lotz a soooper grate dayz a head...♥♥♥♥♥ send all R best az well as R pal st francis' ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺