Monday, September 28, 2015

Kitten Updates

We wanted to let our furiends know what has been happening with the Poe and the little tabby kitten we mentioned in a previous post.

We will start with Poe. In case you don't remember, Poe was the black kitten our mom found and rehomed with friends in South Carolina. His mom said he has adjusted to life in his forever home. He has two dog furblings and two cat furblings. Both his mom and dad are totally in love with him, but his dad especially so. And Poe follows his dad all over the house. That makes us so happy!!! Mom has some new pictures of Poe, but she needs to download them from her phone. We will share them with you soon.

We also have some good news regarding the little tabby boy kitten. He will be going to a forever home soon. A lady who works with one of mom's best friends is going to take him when she gets back from her vacation. In the meantime, the lady who found him is going to foster him.

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Did anyone get to see the Super Moon/Blood Moon/Total Eclipse last night? It was too cloudy here to see it. Mom was disappointed because she really wanted to see it. Of course it is sunny today. That seems to happen a lot whenever there is a lunar eclipse here.

Mom went to and Irish festival on Saturday. She told us she had a really good time drinking Harp and listening to Irish music. She also said she liked looking at the different vendor booths although she didn't do a lot of shopping. We napped while mom was gone, which is a perfectly acceptable way to spend an afternoon in our book!

We hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Mommy and I could not see the moon! We think our tall TALL trees which we have a gazillion of in back (a woods) obscured it until after we went to bed I am so glad about the kittens. xxoo

  2. We're so glad both kittens have furever homes! We got to see the beginning of the eclipse, but then it got cloudy.