Monday, August 3, 2015

More Updates on Lily and Memphis

*Sigh* It is the start of another week and that means mom will be gone all day. Of course, she misses us when she is at work, but we will nap and wait for her return. In the meantime, I want to update you on both Memphis and Lily. I will begin with Memphis.

Mom was concerned about Memphis because he started that growling and yowling at his food dish then running from it. It isn't a daily thing, but sometimes it means that his mouth is bothering him again. Mom took him to the vet on Saturday morning just to make sure his mouth was okay. Everything checked out just fine. And even more good news is Memphis has gained a pound, putting him up to 8 lb. 10 oz. He is eating more than mom thought he was. No offense to any of our Siamese friends, but we are beginning to think that Memphis is just a crazy Siamese.

Ms. Lily had a visit with Dr. Tolar, the ophthalmologist, regarding her eyes this morning. The pressure in her eyes has decreased which is wonderful news. The official diagnosis is Aqueous Misdirection. That means the aqueous fluid that forms in front of the eye is seeping into the back of the eye (instead of draining). That causes the pressure to build behind the eye which then pushes everything forward. The eye drops that Lily has been getting reduces the production of the aqueous fluid. Lily will be on the drops for the rest of her life.  Lily does have cataracts. Surgery to remove them is an option, but mom has decided not to do that. Lily is 14 years old, and we are sure she will have many more years with us. However, mom doesn't want to put Lily through that. She is and always will be an indoor cat, she has adapted to her condition, and it is not a life threatening condition.  Lily will having a follow up with Dr. Tolar in early October for another check of her eye pressure.

We hope our friends are all well and happy and enjoying the "dog days" of summer!



  1. Sometimes my human wonders about the mouth thing. Binga was grinding her teeth and having issues at the food dish for a long time. The vet couldn't see anything going on in her mouth and thought it was some digestive issue - but it turned out it was a bad tooth, it was just going bad below the surface. She only saw it when the damage started appearing above the gum. Once the tooth was out, she was much, much better!

  2. We're glad that Memphis has gained some weight. Purrs for Lily that her eyes continue to improve.