Monday, May 13, 2013

Mancat Monday: Puff

Happy Monday! I'm taking over the blog today. Mom is in the process of getting us up-to-date on our vaccines. I went on Saturday for my exam and rabies vaccine. I weighed in at 17.5 lbs. I had my claws trimmed and my blood stolen for a senior panel. Everything was good and I don't have to go back until next year. I was the perfect angel at the vet's office.

Unfortunately, I was not the perfect angel at home! I'm usually quite docile and a very lovey boy. But try to put me into the PTU (pet transport unit) and I become the Tasmanian Devil!!! I fought mom tooth and nail but she finally succeeded. I did draw blood from mom in the process. When she tried to scruff me I managed to turn my head back and I bit her index finger. I caught her finger with one of my upper fangs and tore the flesh.

Mom cleaned her finger really well and even poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound. However, by 3pm her finger was quite swollen and her hand was starting to swell. She ended up going to the immediate care center. The doctor cleaned the area again and prescribed an antibiotic for mom. And since it is an animal bite it has to be reported! I'm going to have a record now!!!! Oh woe is me!

The swelling in mom's hand has gone down, but her finger is still swollen and painful. She still has a lot of redness around the bite and on the back of her hand, too. And mom said it is all tender to touch.

I have apologized to mom and feel really bad about biting her. I know she has forgiven me. She didn't even yell at me when I put the bitey on her!!!

Does this look the face of a criminal?


  1. Ouch! Hey, bite happens from time to time, especially if you get in the way of really sharp teeth! I am glad your ckeck up was good!

  2. I bit my Mommy a while back, but fortunately I didn't get a mark on my Permanent Record! She had to take medicine, too.

    XX Johnson the Fanged

  3. I have to say, I like your mug shot! ;-) I'm glad your human went to the human vet the moment the wound started to cause troubles - kitty bites can be really toxic and should never be shrugged off lightly!

  4. We're glad your vet visit went well but we're sorry your mom's finger was hurt in the process. We hope she'll be okay.

  5. puff...noe, ewe due knot lookz like a crimnull ta uz N we noe yur sorree for bitin yur mom.....we haz all did that at sum point.....pleez tell her ta wrap sum flounder round her hand...knot onlee will de redness go way, but her will smell grate AND haza tastee snak close by ...glad yur appt wented grate !!