Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am a free cat!!!

I was released from confinement at 7:10am!  The lady from the Dept. of Public Health saw me and told me that my quarantine was lifted. Mom did not tell her that I put a couple of scratches on her tummy when she was carrying me to the jail cell craft room last night. I am just not a cat who wants to be held very long.

When mom opened the door to my cell room I showed my displeasure by promptly hissing at mom. She said that probably wasn't the way to make a good impression on the official. Oops!!!

Also, why do so many people think I am a girl cat?!!! I think it is because my first human mom gave me the name, Puff.  I told mom this morning that my name is really "Walter," but she said I will always be Capt. Puff "Puffypants" MacPufferson to her!

I think it is time for a nap. Being confined in a single room for 9 hours is hard work!



  1. Wellllll..."Puff" is a soft name and one tends to think of girls for some reason, though considering what our angel Annie was like (moody, sour, hissy), that doesn't quite compute. LOL.

    In any event, we're very glad you're out of quarantine!

  2. we think sum bodeez mom....hint hint...owes sum kitteh....hint hint...sum pizza pies, ham samiches N friez for havin ta put up with jail time.....enjoy yur snaks puff :)!!

  3. glad you have been sprung.... :)

  4. Puff, you sound like my kind of cat. You gotta keep it real even if the po-po don't agree.

  5. Hooray, we are all doing the happy dance for you pal!

  6. Oh Honey, so glad you're outta jail or that the ban has been lifted.

  7. Puff, it's about time you were released from solitary confinement. All those hours are enough to put a kitty in a bad mood!