Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am in cat jail

It's me again, Puff. Because I bit mom and she went to the immediate care center, the icc had to report the bite. Mom got a letter from the dept. of public health with instructions to keep me quarantined for 10 days. After May 21, someone for the office will call mom to set up a time to come to the house to observe me and make sure I'm not sick. Mom said she thinks they are making a mountain out of a mole hill! She didn't go through all of this when Jazzpurr bit her a long time ago.

I'm an indoor cat (we all are) so keeping me inside isn't a big deal. It's just more stress and more time away from work for mom.

Puff the Criminal


  1. dood....tell yur mom roolz be crazed ...her could haza vizshuz squirrels like in de yard N peepulz wood be like...well, stay way from it....haz yur own kitteh take a bite outta yur own purrson nell N all ewe noe what brakes looze.....

    hope everee one haza ton oh toona thurzday !!

  2. That is ridiculous. My human would be tempted to tell them a strange cat on the street bit her if she were ever in the same situation, but then they would probably want to give her a series of rabies shots! There is no winning.

  3. Sparkel is right, but you know that! Sheeesh! But I hope your mommy feels OK insofar as no bad pain.

  4. Oh no maybe we need to round up a posse and come break you out!