Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mom is home!!!

We are happy to report that mom arrived home safely yesterday afternoon. She told us that she had a wonderful time with her friends and Aunt Torchy while in Arizona. Mom loved Sedona and says it is one of the most beautiful areas she has ever seen. She was very happy to spend some time there.

Mom and Aunt Torchy had lunch last Tuesday at the Rock Springs Cafe. It is about half way between Phoenix and Sedona. Aunt Torchy saw a road sign advertising their pies. They stopped and had a late lunch and pie for dessert. Mom said she thinks this was the best pecan pie she has ever had! And her lunch was delicious, too. She had the pulled pork sandwich. Mom said if any of your purrents are out that way they must stop there for a meal or even just pie and coffee!

We should take a moment to explain, too, that Aunt Torchy isn't really mom's sister. She is one of mom's bestest friends in the world. Mom is 9 years older than her, but everyone thinks they are sisters. It's just gotten easier to say they are! And if mom could chose anyone to be her sister, it would be Aunt Torchy!

There are so many things mom could tell you about.  She did the VIP meet and greet/dinner for Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding show. She said the celebrities that she got to meet were all very nice.  She met John O'Hurley (from Seinfield), Don Felder (from The Eagles), L.A. Guns (a band from the 80s), Sebastian Bach (formerly from the band Skid Row), and of course, Alice Cooper (again). But the most exciting thing is she met Johnny Depp!!! We can hardly believe it ourselves! Mom said he was so nice. He was with Alice Cooper for the photo op. A pro photographer was taking the pics, so mom doesn't have her pictures yet. It will be about two weeks before they are available online. We promise to share them once she gets them.

But even with all of that, mom said she is glad to be home with us! I had to snub her for a little while, but I finally let her love on me late last night. The rest of the gang was all over her from the time she got home.

Purrs to all,