Monday, December 3, 2012

Memphis is fine and Mom is leaving town!

Memphis is doing well and is back to his normal self.  He sleeps on mom's bed during the day or in sun puddles in the family room or living room. He is eating in the kitchen again and had a good appetite. He appears to be gaining back the weight he lost. Memphis is attentive and has bouts of friskiness!!! Yes, our brofur is back!!!

The rest of us are doing fine. Mom is on vacation, but we won't get to lounge around with her. She is leaving tomorrow morning for a week in Arizona. She and Aunt Torchy are going to Sedona for a few days, then heading to Phoenix. Mom said she will take lots of pictures for us to share.

We won't be posting until mom returns next week. She'll get back home on Monday afternoon and has to go back to work on Tuesday. Purrsonally, we think she will be gone entirely too long!!!

Yesterday mom and Aunty Jen went to a fund raiser for a local no-kill shelter. Mom bought some catnip toys, a smelly candle, and a music box that was from the San Francisco Music Box Co.  It has a little white kitty sitting on a throne. Mom didn't realize that she was charged twice for the music box until she was home. She decided to let it go. It was only $6 and the money goes to the shelter. Mom considered it another small donation.

We hope everyone has a great week! We'll see everyone next Tuesday!!!


  1. Tell mommy to be carefuls and come home safe. LOVE your Aunt's name. xoxoxo

  2. We hope your mom has a great time. And brings you back presents, of course!!!

  3. How awesome that your human gets to go to Sedona! My human was there like 20 years ago and wishes she could go back. She loved it.

  4. I am glad Memphis is okay. We will be missing you, but have fun!