Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

So we are a week late wishing our friends a happy new year! Mom had so much to catch up on at work after being gone for a week, then she was off work again between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day because the university shuts down. We had mom to ourselves for about 11 days! It was fantastic! There was lots of snuggle time, and treat time, and brushies time!

Fred had to go to the vet for eye trouble while mom was on break. Mom noticed he had a "winky" eye on Christmas day. By the next day his eye was inflamed and red. The vet couldn't see him until the following day, but it was what mom expected...conjunctivitis from the feline herpes virus. Fred had to have eye ointment applied twice daily for about 10 days. His eye has cleared up, but now it looks like Sable may have it in one eye! We have our paws crossed that it won't make the rounds through the house.

We hope all of friends are well and that their new year is off to a fantastic start!!!