Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whiskerhump Wednesday: Ginger

Sister Ginger Pie is sharing her whiskerhumps with us this morning. We think she has a very sweet face.

Ginger is the shy one out of the natural sibling group of four.  They all turned 9 years old this year.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but our sister has some scar tissue on her left eye. This probably occurred from an infection when she was a kitten. The group was 4 years old when they came to live with us from Ohio.  Ginger is the smallest of her litter, and she still weighs a healthy 14 lbs!  Mom says Ginger also has the softest fur of the litter.  Technically, Ginger isn't a "cow cat" since her spots are tabby (Sister Panda is a true "cow cat").  Also, Ginger and Brother Spunky are bonded together.  It's not unusual to find them snuggled together on mom's bed or in one of the cat beds.

Ginger is finally starting to get up in the recliner with mom.  She hasn't napped in the middle of mom's lap yet, but there is hope. The closest she has come is placing her back end on mom's thigh and draping her front half over the wide arm of the chair. Most of the time she will lay on the foot rest, stretched out along mom's leg.

Ginger HATES being picked up!!! She will cry and meow and struggle until mom puts her down. The entire litter is like that! Of course, Puff is just too large to pick up! But that's another story for another time.

Have a great day and show us those whiskerhumps!!!


  1. Darling Ginger. Gentle kisses to you.

  2. Those a beautiful whisker humps Ginger. Lola doesn't like being picked up either. She cries.

    The Paw Relations

  3. Ginger Pie...I came back to tell you I loves you.

  4. Also, mommy and I want to know the name of the kitty in your avatar. You already know (she said it too too many times) that mom LOVES that face and open mouth.

  5. we thought that was Clarissa. Is she alright?

    Please love on her for us.

  6. Ginger looks very sweet. Hopefully she will crawl into your lap soon!

  7. Ginger is a cutie!

    I don't like being picked up either! I love sitting in laps, but no picky-uppy.

  8. I am Ginger! I hate being picked up by TW but Pop can hold me forever. Do you mean there's hope that someday I may sit on a lap?