Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday News-day

We are back! Mom ended up being really sick so we didn't much computer time. She had a nasty sinus infection and it knocked her on her butt! She is feeling better and went back to work today.

But now for the important news:  We have had an intruder in our yard! It's true! A lovely, large, long-legged, silver tabby has been visiting our yard. We assume said tabby is a girl since her collar is pink. Of course, boys can wear pink too. There is nothing wrong with that. Anymew, said tabby is of medium length fur and is very beautiful. But there is more!!! The tabby has a companion: A big black short haired kitty!!! This kitty also has a collar and tags, but we couldn't see the color of the collar. We have just started seeing them so they must be new to the neighborhood.  Mom said she wishes their guardians would keep them inside. It is so much safer!

Lastly, mom took some pictures of a few of us on Sunday. We will start sharing them soon.

Have a great day!


  1. We're glad your mom's feeling well enough to back to work. Though by the end of the work day she might be ready for a few more days off. ;-)

    We hope you get a pic of the introoders to post! Do they drive you into a frenzy of aggression, like introoders do to our Nicki?

  2. So glad to hear your mom is feeling better.

    We also wish the humans would keep the kitties inside where it is safer.

  3. I am glad your human is recovering - those sinus infections do linger. Those intruders sound like a very attractive pair! I hope their presence isn't upsetting to you kitties.