Sunday, October 14, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Serendipity is taking it very easy today! She didn't even raise her head when mom took her picture!

It is sunny, 75F, and very very windy today! We might have storms later tonight. We sure hope not.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as we are. Mom is home with us today. We watched a movie with her this afternoon, and we might watch The Walking Dead tonight. It depends if mom chicken's out! She loves the show, but she is also a big scaredy-cat!!!! And we thought we were the only kitties around this house!!! MOL


  1. Can you believe it is in the low 90s here?! That is too hot for this time of year. My human has the window open, but I am not even interested.

  2. You are looking mighty snuggable in your beddie little girl!

  3. Our mom won't watch scary movies! I guess we'll be watching football games.

  4. If she's a chicken, do you get to nom her? You could bite her while she's watching, REALLY scare her! She'll think it's zombies!