Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Better Day

It was a better day for me than yesterday. I want to thank everyone who left such kind words and comments yesterday. It helped me make it through the day.  I was diagnosed with chronic depression a few years ago. I found a good therapist and a good doctor and the right medication. It made all the difference it the world to me.  I have good days and bad days, but that is normal. Everyone does.

Thank you all again.

The kitties are demanding that I return their blog back to them tomorrow!

Mom Malinda


  1. (((Hugs))) and continued purrs to you and to Richard's family and friends.

    We're glad *you* haven't slipped through the cracks, Malinda.

    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Hooray for better days, you are special!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better, but that would have been awful for anyone to go through.

  4. Sending virtual *nosetaps* to you. xoxo

  5. We understand how your mom feel as our human had a tiny, tiny dose of depression. We helped ease that lots.

    Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words.
    We love you and sending lots of feel good purrs to your mom.