Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whiskerhump Wednesday

El Puma Magnifico

Today we wanted to share a picture of our friend, El Puma Magnifico. El Puma was from Puerto Rico. We are pretty sure that El Puma was fluent in both Spanish and English, but he would always chat with us in a combination of the two. We are sorry to say that El Puma crossed the Bridge several years ago. But we always will remember him fondly. When we see him again we will be sure to give him muchos besos en la nariz (many kisses on the nose)!


  1. El Puma was a beautiful boy!!!

  2. What a handsome one he was and such impressive whisker humps.

  3. El puma is so handsome. We bet you do miss him. Thanks for telling us about him.

  4. I love to see him. What a beautiful boy..and mom and I are glad to see him. We can understamd how much of a furriend he was to you. xox