Friday, January 13, 2012

Mom's New Tattoo

That's our mom's newest tattoo. She had that done on Wednesday night. Our Aunty Kim drew the kitty one day when she was in a staff meeting. Mom has always liked it and said it would make a cute tattoo. Since we didn't have any other news to share, we decided to share the picture.

If you're in a cold place, stay warm!!!!

EDIT: To Sparkle the Designer Cat: Mom is just going to leave the tattoo as a line drawing for the time being. Aunty Torchy also posted a filled in version of the drawing on Facebook. Mom really likes the line drawing the best.

To Random Felines: Mom said it's very cool that you have tattoos, too. Mom has 17 or 18. Most are kitties of some sort. We want to see your mom's tattoo when she decides to get it!

To Cat Chat with Caren and Cody: Mom said she knows tattoos aren't for everyone and that's okay. "If we all liked the same things, life would be boring," she said. She's glad you like the drawing though! Tee hee.

To Katnip Lounge: It really is a "CATtoo"!!! MOL


  1. that is AWESOME!!!!! mom is working up to her next will be cat related but she can't make up her mind....and has no artistic talent MOL

  2. you know what? Normally I hate tattoos but I gotta tell you...the drawing on this one would make even ME reconsider!

    That drawing is the BEST!

  3. Is she going to have it colored, or just the line art for now?

  4. Mommy has 2 of them. One on her shoulder..a tiny rose no bigger than a thumb nail and one on her upper hip. A car name. Silly choice.

    This is Katie..mommy said I can use my angel sisfurs blog till mine gets made.