Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fred's at the Vet's Office

Mom made arrangements to drop off brother Fred at the vet's office this morning. He has stopped eating his prescription kibble. He gives it a sniff then turns away from it. Our uncle has seen Fred nibbling on the Nine Lives kibble that the rest of us eat. However, he just hasn't been eating enough in mom's opinion. What Fred has been doing is drinking water and some skim milk.

Fred is six years old and developed an issue with his kidneys last year. That's when he dropped down from 11 lbs. to 7 or 8 lbs. He has been holding steady at the weight. He also has chronic gingivitis. Even if his teeth were cleaned, this would only be a temporary fix. The vet said Fred should probably have his teeth extracted, but he doesn't think Fred would make it through the anesthesia.

When mom spoke with the vet at noon, she was told that Fred was given an antibiotic injection to help with the gingivitis and he was given sub-q fluids. He was also given an appetite stimulant. A bit later Fred ate almost a full can of cat food. The vet also wants Fred to have the sub-q fluids over the next two days. That means mom has to take him in again tomorrow and Thursday.

Please keep brother Fred in your purrayers that he will be feeling better soon and that he will eat his food!!!


  1. Oh, poor Fred! We bet he's not too happy at all right now. :-(

    We're sending purrs and purrayers that he'll be fine and that he'll be back to eating normally.

  2. sending lost of purrs and prayers to Fred, praying for a full recovery.

  3. We are all purring for that sweet Fred!

  4. I promise I have already purred and mommy will pray for that precious boy. If he can be hydrated and given that appetite stimulent he will be so much better able to fight this. Antibiotics are a blessing. Please think about 1 more opinion for Fred regarding his ability to withstand anethesia? Maybe his KD is making that difference?

  5. I am purring lots for Fred! He is so young to have all these health problems. :-(