Monday, January 9, 2012

A Belated Happy New Year

Good morning and Happy Monday! We are back!!! Mom had 10.5 days off from work between Dec. 23 - Jan. 2. When she returned last week, she was busy catching up on stuff and getting back into the swing of working again. But we are back now and hope to post more often.

It was great having mom home with us. There was a lot of cuddle and snuggle time with her. And naps!!! Lots of nap time. We all got claw trims over the holidays - well, most of us. Fiona, Ginger, Spunky, Panda, and Puff won't let mom trim their claws. That has to be done by the v-e-t. Memphis got a second claw trim last night. He whacked our uncle on the nose during the night on Saturday and drew blood. It's a tiny tiny scratch, but it meant the claw points had to go.

Since we don't have new pictures for Mancat Monday, we are going to share a recent pic of our mom with Alice Cooper. She spent the weekend before Christmas in Phoenix with friends. They all meet up and go to the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show. It's a big variety show that is a fund raiser for the .
Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation.

Our mom and Alice Cooper:

Mom is such a dork...*sigh*


  1. Did she pinch his bottom?

    ha ha ha!

  2. Truffle lets me trim her claws, but Brulee is still a little wiggle worm!

  3. now THAT'S a name I haven't seen or heard in quite some time...not yours.....HIS!! lol

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back!

  4. Alice Cooper? Didn't he used to bite the heads off birdies or somefing? No? Well, okay then, MOL! Hey, I'd bite the head off a birdie if I could catch one!!

    My Human had time off over Krissymouse also and I was sort ub sad when she wented back to her job. Sigh.