Monday, April 9, 2007

More time with our meowmie!

Other than a few errands mom had to run on Saturday, she spent the weekend home with us. We love it when she's home because we get to snuggle in the chair with her. She stayed busy Saturday morning though! Mom has enough yarn to open her own store. It was all stuffed in bags and boxes and not organized. She decided to organize her yarn stash on Saturday and we decided to help her! My job (Clarissa) was to hide in the nooks and crannies of the shower stall she uses as a storage closet. I would get in boxes, on top of boxes and behind boxes trying to help. Bandit's job was to grab yarn and run down the hall with it. My other brofurs and sisfurs mostly just snoopervised her.

Mom did take a break during the afternoon. She decided to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I napped in her lap while she watched the movie. Then she watched the Alice Cooper concert movie Good To See You Again. Memphis the Meezer laid in her lap through most of that.

She was home most of yesterday too, but we didn't get much snuggle time until last night. Mom was busy doing laundry and paying bills. Oh, I almost forgot. Mom did download some new picfurs of some of us furs. I try to post some of them here this week.

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