Friday, April 6, 2007

Cuddle time with mom...

Several of us furs got some cuddle time with mom last night. She decided to watch a couple of movies on DVD so we took turns getting into her lap. Daisy was first, but she usually is the first one to visit mom when she gets home from work. The next fur was Memphis. While he was visiting Sable got on the arm of the chair for a brief visit.

Fiona probably spent the most time in mom's lap. Since she is the smallest cat in the house, it's easier for her to curl up in a ball and lay on mom. But one she got up then I (Clarissa) took her spot. I got some ear skritches and chin skritches too! I finally got up and moved to my spot on the floor in front of the t.v. cabinet. There is a vent behind it and the warm air from the furnace blows out. I lurve laying there. Bandit laid down as close to me as I would let him.

It was a good night!

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