Thursday, April 5, 2007

More free cat food from out vet!

Mom has been buying our dry food from our vet for over a year now. My #1 brofur (and #2 cat of the househould) Sable, was plagued with struvite crystals in his pee. After three seperate episodes of this mom decided it was easier to feed us all the same food. It gets very expensive to feed us though. A 16.5 lb. bag of the Royal Canin S/O Urinary food costs about $35 toonas. With eight of us it doesn't take long to go through a bag of it either.

A few weeks ago the vet called mom and offered her a 5 lb. bag of the food at no cost. You see, the office cat, Morris, got into the storage room and chewed holes in several bags of both dog and cat foods. Once the bags are damaged they can't be sold. Mom received another call on Tuesday from the vet. Poor Morris struck again! Therefore, we will be getting another bag of free food. Mom joked and said if Morris keeps this up the vet will want her to bring him home along with the food! Mom is going to pick the food up tonight after work.

We also want to thank mom's boss for the small bag of Purina One. Molly-kitty recently crossed the bridge (she was almost 18 years old). She had an almost full bag of kitty food that she gave mom for us. *gentle earlicks*

This is why mom doesn't keep the toilet paper on the rollers at home.

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