Friday, September 4, 2020

This, That, and the Other

Good evening friends! We have lots of news to share. I'm going to turn the beginning of this post over to Old Man Bart (OMB). He had an adventure exactly one week ago.

Hi all! Bart here. Angel Clarissa is right about me having an adventure. She forgot to mention that it was not a pleasant adventure. You see, I had a urinary tract infection (UTI). Mom was on her computer and she noticed that I was restless. I would go into the bathroom where there are 3 litter boxes. Then I would pace and walk behind mom's chair. Then I would try to lay down but I would get right back up an repeat the process. When mom caught me peeing on some papers that were on the floor, she knew what was up. She packed my into the Cat Transport Unit and took me to the 24/7 animal hospital. Mom had to wait outside in the car since procedures for the Covid-19 virus are still in place. I was poked and prodded and had one x-ray taken. Mom was right about the UTI.

The v-e-t told mom that I also had an ear infection in my crumpled ear. I was sent home with a bunch of medicines, 6 cans of SO/Royal Canin food, and a bag of SO prescription kibble. My adventure was costly. It was a little over $600!!! I'm feeling better now since I've been taking my medicine like a good boy. I don't like it, so I do have to put up a little struggle. Every med is liquid except for one pill that I take for pain. I get half of one pill twice daily. I have a follow up visit with my regular v-e-t on Thursday. They won't sell the prescription food to mom unless they see me in furson. Our regular v-e-t's office is just blocks from our house and will more convenient for mom to get my food.

And now it is Tovah's turn to tell you all about her adventure which included an overnight stay at a different v-e-t's office.

Hello friends! I'm Tovah and I'm going to tell you about my not-so-fun adventure. It really started on Saturday. I kept gagging and appeared to be trying to cough up a hairball. The only thing that came up was some clear liquid and my breakfast kibble. Like Bart, I couldn't get comfortable. Mom kept an eye me and decided if I didn't improve on Sunday, then she would take me to the v-e-t. I wasn't any better on Sunday so off to the vet I went. I had an 8:30pm appointment at a different office that had Sunday hours. Mom was hoping it wouldn't be quite as expensive as the emergency visit for Bart. MOL (meowing out loud). I had some blockage in my intestines and some pockets of gas. They found that out on my x-ray. I ended up staying overnight so I could get IV fluids and anti-nausea medicine. I was scared and I wouldn't eat anything while I was there. I had another x-ray on Monday morning. There was a little movement, but the v-e-t couldn't tell if I an eaten something that wasn't food. I ended up having to take barium and have another scan that afternoon. I stayed on fluids while I was there. Another x-ray that in the early evening, and then I was allowed to come home. I tried to tell them that I only eat my food and not anything like hair elastics or plastic or rubber bands but they wouldn't listen to them. Friends, if you thought Bart's adventure was expensive, you ain't heard nothing yet. With everything that was done plus tax, my bill was $1007.00!!!! I'm feeling fine now.

Clarissa here again. Mom said it was a good thing she loves us and could use her Care Credit for Bart's and Tovah's visits. Mom went to her own doctor on Tuesday. She had a little red, rough patch break out on the side of her nose about 3 weeks ago. She thought it was acne, but it never cleared up. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it burned, and sometimes it itched. Sometimes it did all three together. Mom mentioned on Facebook and one of her friends said it might be shingles! That never crossed her mind. Guess what? Shingles it is!!! Mom's been taking a steroid since Wednesday and the area is starting to clear up.

Mom picked Daisy's ashes on Tuesday. We are glad she is home. We want to thank all of you who have left messages of condolences. It means so much to all of us. We also want to thank Ann of Zoolatary for this beautiful memorial pic:

2004 - August 26, 2020.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

Purrs and Whisker Kisses,
Angel Clarissa and Co.


  1. I'm glad Bart and Tovah are better! My human had shingles... it was definitely NO fun!

  2. Y'all are sure worth it and we're glad those Vet visits are over!

  3. As long as you all are feeling better!
    About shingles, I know folks who've gotten them in some awful places, so on the side of the nose seems pretty okay in that light.

  4. We are glad Bart and Tovah are better, and hope your Mom's shingles is a mild case. Purrayers and Power of the Paw !

  5. Oh what a time you’ve all had. We’re glad Bart and Tovah are doing better...and purrs to your mom that she is better soon too.

  6. I am so very extra sorry about all that has happened to not only Daisy, but your mom! and Tovah and Bart. You each one need purrs and prayers for a long time. You will have them from me and I hope every other kitty here. XXX