Saturday, December 10, 2016

Taking Care Of Mom

We wanted to check in with our friends and let you all know that we are doing fine. Mom had carpal tunnel surgery and ulner release surgery on Wednesday. She is doing well. Her right arm was in a sling when she arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. It was numb from her shoulder to her fingertips from a nerve block. She said it was carrying a useless weight. We are going to share some photos. The first two are fine. There is nothing gross to see.

This is mom's bandaged arm on Thursday morning. She had a soft cast. Mom said her pain was minimal, but she slept a lot that day.

The next picture was taken Thursday night. You all can see what good nurses we are. That's Batman at the top, then Sable, and Puff in her lap. Fiona is laying to the side. Johnny is at the bottom. They weren't going to let her go anywhere.

Mom was allowed to unwrap her arm today and see what damage was done. If you don't want to see her incisions you might want to leave now.
This is mom's palm and wrist. She was happy to see that the surgeon didn't cut into her tattoo.
And this is her inner arm:
And her outer arm. This one surprised her the most!
One of her Facebook friends said that was HARDCORE.

Honestly, she says it looks worse than it feels. That's good because it looks awful!!!

She is going to try to go back to work on Tuesday. She won't be able to lift anything, but she thinks she'll be able to drive if she wears her brace.

We hope all of you are in better shape than mom!!!



  1. Ouch! I'm glad it does not hurt as bad as it looks! I hope your human heals fast.

  2. Ouch fur sure! Purrs to the Mom from all of us.

  3. Your mom has the best nurses. We hope she heals quickly.

  4. Wow!!! I hope your Mom heals very soon. Glad to hear it's not hurt a lot.

  5. jezuz yur momz arm iz crazed lookin....we haz hurtz see in de stitchinz.....YOW ~~~~~ we hope her arm heelz fast sooper quik N it doez knot hurt like ever...

    we dunno if ewe will bee bak thiz way bee for fryday sew we wood like two send sum Christmas fishez everee onez way; we will bee offline afturr thurzday fora few

    a trout filled Christmas
    a mackerull new yeer two
    health N happee nezz in de brand new yeer
    frum all oh uz two ewe

    with hugs N loves
    boomer, dai$y, tuna
    & dude & sauce two


  6. Sweethearts! YOU keep on taking excellent care of your mama! That looks awful. Mom and I didn't know till we just stopped by. xoxoxox