Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Week Later....

It's been one week since sweet Fred crossed that Bridge. We miss our brofur, as does mom, but have been doing our best to show her our love. Many of us have taken to laying on mom's right when she is watching t.v. That was Fred's favorite spot. Mom always laughed because white-furred Fred would always be on the right, and black-furred Sable would always lay on the left. The middle was reserved for me! None of us like to curl around mom's hand like Fred did, but she said that's okay. She knows we are all different. That just happened to be his thing to do.

Mom has some pictures of Fred on her phone. We wanted to share a couple of them now. Something Fred started doing as he started feeling worse was finding cooler places to lay down. Most of the time it would be the tile floor in the bathroom. However, mom walked into the kitchen one day to find this:

We think Fred was still a handsome boy, but he looks older than his 10 years. His face is thinner, and he isn't the shiny, clean white kitty that he had been. He still washed and tried to groom, but you can see how gray his tail looked, and his ears. Mom tried to keep him cleaner, but he would squirm and get so agitated that she would let him go.

Mom didn't fuss at him for being in the sink. She knew he didn't feel well. This was take about a month before he passed.

We would like to thank everybody who left messages of sympathy for us. It meant a lot to mom and us. There will always be a place in our hearts for Fred, but we know it was time for him to fly free. As long as we have memories of him then he will still live on in our hearts and home.


  1. Purrs to you - of course Fred has left a big hole in your lives. It's never easy adjusting.

  2. guys...thanx two yur mom for sharin theeze fotoz...

    fred, we think ya look handsum dood ...N yea, ewe will all wayz bee in yur momz heart, noe one & nothing can take that frum her....ever...


  3. Fred, you were loved so much just as you loved your mommy. I love you too and all the rest of you. XXXOOO

  4. I love what the Tabbies said. xoxox

  5. We know you're sad that Fred is no longer with you, but thankfully, you have wonderful memories. Sending hugs and purrs.