Thursday, October 22, 2015

Poe the Rescured Kitten - New Pictures

We have a couple of new pictures of Poe. He is growing up and is about 6 months old now. You can tell that he loves his forever home in South Carolina.

He looks comfortable while laying in his mom's lap. He has definitely grown but still looks like a kitten here.

But my oh my! Poe looks more like a real mancat in this picture. And look at his jade green eyes. Poe is one handsome dude! And if you look really close you can see that he is smiling!

We are going to make mom go back and tag the posts that relate to Poe. In the meantime, if you want to refresh your memory, you can read the first post about him here:  Intruder Alert


  1. lookin good dood !!!! hope all iz well with ewe & yur livin large & in charge & N joyin everee minit oh it ~~~~~~ waves

  2. How awesome to see Poe settled and so happy!