Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lily Rose Could Use Some Purrs & Prayers

My sisfur, Lily Rose, could use some purrs, prayers, and healing thoughts. Her eyes have clouded over and she can no longer see (or see very little). Mom took her to the vet on Saturday. Mom was told she has glaucoma and cataracts. She is now getting eye drops twice a day for the glaucoma. Lily will have a follow up visit with Dr. Tolar on August 3rd.

Other than Lily's eye issue, her health is good. She weighs a healthy 11 lbs. Her heart and lungs are strong. At age 14 she's doing well. Lily is learning to adapt. She knows where her food and water are located, and she knows where the litter boxes are. She no longer get on the cat trees, but she does jump up into the recliners to sleep (or she will sleep in one of the cat beds that are on the floor). The only big change we've noticed is she wants to spend more time in mom's lap. We think she feels more comfortable and safe there. Lily will sometimes walk right up to a wall before she knows it is there, but she hasn't run into them. At her age, mom is not going to have Lily's cataracts removed. Now if she starts having pain or worse issues, she will do what it takes to help relieve that. Lily is also deaf in one ear, so we are trying to be careful and not sneak up on her.

In other news, we have had too much rain and boomers around here. And when it isn't raining and storming it is just too darned hot! Mom has wanted to go swimming a few times but it never seems to work out for her. We hope everyone who is in the boomer range is staying safe! We would gladly share some of this rain with southern California if we could!

Take care!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. Purrs and prayers for dear Lily Rose from all of us.

  2. manee blessings oh st francis two ewe...we hope de drops help ewe bunches....♥♥♥♥♥