Monday, May 19, 2014

We Are Back

We have been gone from the blogosphere for entirely too long. Our mom has been extremely lazy when it comes to keeping up on our posties! We should hiss at her and stomp our angry paws and lash our angry tails, but she does clean our litter boxes and gives us brushies and fills our food and water dishes. And she also lets us snuggle with her. So we can forgive her.

Puff had to go to the vet on Friday. He has been bothered with a limp in his back leg for quite sometime. Mom saw him doing a "bunny hop" when she got home from work on Thursday and it frightened her. Puff would take a couple of steps with his front feet, the hop with his back feet other like a rabbit. The vet couldn't find anything specifically wrong with Puff, and Puff was scared and wouldn't walk for the vet. The vet sent him home and told mom to keep an eye on Puff. Our brother is walking better now even though the limp is still present. He even ran a little yesterday. The vet did find a tiny growth in the back of Puff's mouth. He said it may have always been there or it may be something new. Once again, he said to watch Puff regarding his eating habits. Puff has lost 3 lbs. since he was in for his annual exam a year ago.

Mom said she thinks Fiona's eye issue has been solved. The specialist added one more type of eye drop and a liquid antibiotic that had to be picked up at a compounding pharmacy. Since Fiona has been using the four different eye drops and taking the antibiotic the redness has gone away from Fiona's eye. Fiona has a follow up visit on May 28th.

Although we've been absent from posting, we have gone and visited our friends' blogs. Mostly we've been enjoying the spring weather and lots of sunbeams and window whiffies!  We do hope to be back more often!

Take care and PURR!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. Nice to see you back. :-)

    Could Puff have hyperthyroidism, or did his blood work check out okay? We're not sure how old he is. Purrs that his leg heals just fine, that it was just a strain.

    Purrs also for Fiona's check at the end of the month.

    1. I asked the vet if he thought blood work was necessary and he said not at this time. Puff had a senior panel work up this time last year. Everything was fine at that time.

  2. I'm sending purrs to Puff! I hope he improves soon.

  3. I sure hope that Puff is all better soon. Nice to see y'all!