Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Update on Fiona

We have some wonderful news to tell you! Fiona had a follow-up visit with the eye specialist this morning and she was very excited to see the improvement in Fiona's eye!

For anyone who is new to our blog, Fiona is our one-eyed sister. She has always had a bit of scar tissue on her eye. But early this year Fiona's eye became inflamed and the blood vessels were appearing in veins on top of her eyeball! It was really gross looking, and we know it was very uncomfortable for Fiona.  Fiona's condition stumped our regular vet, so she sent Fiona to a specialist. Fiona's condition stumped the animal ophthalmologist too!

Fiona was treated with two different types of eye drops. The blood vessels went from spidery looking veins to a total red cast to Fiona's eye. A third eye drop was added. When Fiona went back a fourth eye drop was added and she was prescribed an oral antibiotic. Something started working and Fiona's eye started improving. She could see again and she started playing with toys! And she has been snuggling with mom again.

The specialist told mom to cut back on the number of meds Fiona has been on. She is now down to 2 types of eye drops. She'll get one of the two times a day. She'll get the other one every other day. She will still get the oral medication twice daily until it is gone. Fiona will go back on September 8 for another check.


  1. I am so glad to hear that Fiona's eye is getting better! It's so frustrating when all the vets are stumped - at least something did work!

  2. that is good news and we hope the improvement keeps happening!

  3. This is terrific news, we're sending her healing purrs.

    It's not only frustrating when vets are stumped, it can be frightening, even panic-inducing for the humans. So we're glad something's working!

  4. Fuzzy Tales sure said it all for me. THANK goodness things are better!! xoxox