Monday, April 29, 2013

Panda's Memorial Altar

I picked up Panda's cremains on Saturday morning and brought them home. I wanted to to do something special for her, so I set up an altar to honor her spirit and her memory. I thought it turned out well and I hope she would be pleased.

The black iron pentacle is a candle holder. There is a little bowl in the center of it which I put some treats in. The "good cat" bowl has a little water in it. A toy mouse is on top of her oak urn, and a green cat collar with tags is beside the urn. Panda wore a collar at home for a short time, but like most of my cats, she found a way to take it off. I don't even know if this was her collar, but it represents her freedom from her earthly body. The azaleas are from my yard. The candles are battery operated and they are entirely glass. I rarely burn candles at home because I don't trust my cats. I've seen a friend's cats singe whiskers and tails because they've gotten too close to a flame.

I was going to buy some flowers, but the azaleas are beautiful this year. It's a bit difficult to distinguish the color differences in the pinks and reds. The white blooms are the largest. The red blooms are directly below that. Light pink blooms are to the left and deeper pink blooms are to the right.

I'll leave this up for a week or so, then I will move it to a bookshelf that I'm clearing off.  She will join Angel Colin Feral's cremains on the shelf. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One more Thank You

Jan, from Jan's Funny Farm, made this lovely graphic and posted it on The Cat's Blogosphere. Thank you so much, Jan.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another big THANK YOU

We wanted to share a wonderful graphic that Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs made for Panda. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for doing this!

2004-April 20, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank you all so much for your kind words

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the kind words and comments that you have left regarding Panda's passing. It means more to us than you'll ever know. Mom has made arrangements for her cremation. She will be home with us soon.

We have made some wonderful friends here in the blogosphere. Between caring for Panda and work, mom hasn't had as much time to help us visit our friends, but with think about you often. We hope to do more visiting soon.

Thank you again. We will leave you with some pictures of our Panda.
 On the stairs at her first meowmie's home - May 2007.
 Showing off her belly!
 At her fighting weight of 16 lbs.
 Getting annoyed with the flashy box.
 March 28, 2013
 Sunday, April 7, 2013 (above & below - the last two picture I took of her)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our hearts are heavy...

It is with heavy hearts that we must tell you that our dear Panda crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. She had been doing so well and we truly thought that Panda would be with us for a much longer time. Panda took a turn for the worse sometime Thursday night. That was the last time I saw her until she got up on Saturday morning. Panda was laying in my computer room. She let me pet her and when it was time for her sub-q fluids, she let me pick her up and administer them while she laid on her favorite spot on the cat tree.

Panda showed no interest in food, water, or treats. She stayed on the cat tree all day, napping in the sun. She occasionally switched positions but that was it. Around 6pm she jumped down and her back legs almost gave out on her. She took a few steps and laid down again. Then she threw up. That's when I knew I had to take her to the E.R. vet.

Upon her exam, I found out that she had lost more weight and she was severely dehydrated, even with the sub-q fluids. She was also running another fever. Given the condition of her legs and the fever, I believe that either the UTI had returned, or perhaps, never cleared up completely.

The vet who examined her was professional and compassionate. I told her that Panda's B.U.N., creatine, and phosphorus had been elevated and even though they had gone down they were still high as of April 5th. Panda was due to go back to our regular vet on April 26th for another blood workup and urinalysis. This vet said that she could certainly admit Panda and run those tests and give her more fluids. I chose not to do this. My concern has always been Panda's comfort and quality of life. My girl was wasting away and I didn't want to put her through more tests and stress for something that, in the long run, would not change.

I held Panda and talked to her and told her about all of the nice things she would see over the Bridge. I told her how much I loved her and then I let her go. Her passing was quick and peaceful.

I know it was the right thing to do. That doesn't make the pain of her loss any easier to bear.

Fly free and soar on your Angel's wings sweet girl. We will miss you and you will always have a place in our hearts.

Malinda and Greg (my brother) and the kitties

Monday, April 8, 2013

Panda's Numbers Are Down!!!

The vet called mom this morning with good news. Panda's numbers were down!  This is what she was told:

Weight = 12.4 lbs. That's 3 oz less but the vet said that could have been the difference between a full/empty bladder or bowels.

BUN = 70 (was 154). Still needs to be lower but that's over a 50% drop.

Creatin = 6.2 (was 9.5). Should be no higher than a 2.

Phosphorus = 10.4

And the vet wants Panda to have sub-q fluids every other day. Mom said she was confident enough to do it, but the question was would Panda cooperate. So guess what! Mom gave Panda her sub-q fluid at home!!! The full 200ml! She was such a good girl. Our uncle couldn't get Panda to eat or take her meds in the pill pockets today. She stuck her nose up at the pill pockets for mom too. Mom did get her to eat a little bit by opening her canned food in the bathroom. Of course, about 5 of the other cats came in too. Mom had to shoo them out and then Panda came in on her own. Mom shut the door and stayed with her. Serendipity was in there too, but she didn't bother Panda.

When Panda finished eating mom held her while our uncle brought in her carrier. Mom placed her in that and closed the top while she got the needle uncapped (she had already hung the fluid bag on a hanger on the shower rod). She was able to slide the needle in w/o any problem and start the flow. The only thing she said she would do different is have a place to sit. Mom can't sit on the side of the tub because she can't see the measurements on the fluid bag.

Of course, when mom put the carrier on the floor and opened the door, Panda bolted out and under the bed.

The vet has added Benazepril. Panda will get one 5mg pill daily

Panda has started to get picky about eating the pill pockets. Mom hates to have to use the pill shooter, but she may have to. She is going to get some cream cheese at the store and try that.

Dr. Green wants to recheck Panda in three weeks (unless there are any problems before then, of course). 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

 Fiona laying on one windowsill...
 Capt. Puff "Puffpants" McPufferson enjoying window whiffies...
 Panda just woke up from a nap...
...and now she is enjoying window whiffies.

I makes out hearts happy to see Panda out and being social again. Her back legs aren't 100% better, and we don't know if they every will be. But she is out and about and had been enjoying lap time with mom, growling at most of us if we get too close, and pretty much acting like her normal self.

Mom had been bragging about how well Panda had been about eating and taking her antibiotic (in a Pill Pocket treat) for her UTI. We say had because this morning she decided she wasn't having much to do with the Pill Pockets. Mom splits the pill in half since it is too large to fit in one treat. This morning she ate one treat and got one half of her pill. She totally ignored the second one. She is also starting to stick her nose up at the Renal-LP canned food. We think she may be sneaking our regular kibble.

Panda saw Dr. Green on Friday for a recheck. She stole some of Panda's blood and some of her pee again kitties!!! Keep your paws crossed that her high numbers will be lower and that her UTI is gone! Mom should hear from the vet either tomorrow or Tuesday. Panda also was given another dose of sub-q fluids while she was at the vet's on Friday.

Our big girl is holding her own and we just know the purrs and prayers she has received from our blogosphere friends has helped!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Short Update On Panda

Panda went back to the vet this morning so Dr. Green could have a look at her. She was weighed again and my girl has gained 7 oz. since she was weighed on Thursday.  Dr. Green also said Panda's eyes looked brighter. She told me to keep doing what I've been doing and to bring Panda back in on Friday morning. I'll leave her there for the day so another blood and urine sample can be taken. Panda did have another round of sub-q fluids this morning, too.

I'm feeling more positive and not as scared as I did over the weekend. I know Panda isn't out of the woods yet, but she does appear to be on the road to feeling better.  We had a whole lot of lap time together yesterday. *smile*

Panda's mom,