Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank you all so much for your kind words

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the kind words and comments that you have left regarding Panda's passing. It means more to us than you'll ever know. Mom has made arrangements for her cremation. She will be home with us soon.

We have made some wonderful friends here in the blogosphere. Between caring for Panda and work, mom hasn't had as much time to help us visit our friends, but with think about you often. We hope to do more visiting soon.

Thank you again. We will leave you with some pictures of our Panda.
 On the stairs at her first meowmie's home - May 2007.
 Showing off her belly!
 At her fighting weight of 16 lbs.
 Getting annoyed with the flashy box.
 March 28, 2013
 Sunday, April 7, 2013 (above & below - the last two picture I took of her)


  1. We are visiting from Alasandra's blog. Panda was a beautiful cat. We are so sad to hear she had to go to The Bridge. Hugs and purrs your way.

  2. What a sweet cow cat Panda was! We are thinking of you.

  3. Lots of purrs to you - I see you have many lovely memories of Panda.

  4. We just heard that Panda has gone to the Bridge. We are very sorry...and we send you comforting purrs and headbutts.

    RIP, will be missed.

  5. We were so sorry to hear about Panda.

  6. Panda was such a beautiful girl, her markings were so pretty, especially the little freckle on her muzzle.

    May the happy memories of her stay with you forever

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  7. She was such a pretty girl. There's really no way around grief, you just have to go through it. But you're not alone--so many of us have walked this road and understand the bond we have with our four-legged companions.

    Hugs and peace, and purrs from the boys.

  8. R pals frum alasandra posted bout panda's crossing ta rainbow bridge N wanted ta say how trooly sorree we all R....panda iz a beautiful gurl.....we noe if her could speek her wood say...thanx mom...for everee thing....and I love you too

  9. I am so sorry and the typing here is blurry because of her passing. What a beauty of a little girl and thank you for loving her so much.

    I am so sorry for your loss. xox