Monday, April 8, 2013

Panda's Numbers Are Down!!!

The vet called mom this morning with good news. Panda's numbers were down!  This is what she was told:

Weight = 12.4 lbs. That's 3 oz less but the vet said that could have been the difference between a full/empty bladder or bowels.

BUN = 70 (was 154). Still needs to be lower but that's over a 50% drop.

Creatin = 6.2 (was 9.5). Should be no higher than a 2.

Phosphorus = 10.4

And the vet wants Panda to have sub-q fluids every other day. Mom said she was confident enough to do it, but the question was would Panda cooperate. So guess what! Mom gave Panda her sub-q fluid at home!!! The full 200ml! She was such a good girl. Our uncle couldn't get Panda to eat or take her meds in the pill pockets today. She stuck her nose up at the pill pockets for mom too. Mom did get her to eat a little bit by opening her canned food in the bathroom. Of course, about 5 of the other cats came in too. Mom had to shoo them out and then Panda came in on her own. Mom shut the door and stayed with her. Serendipity was in there too, but she didn't bother Panda.

When Panda finished eating mom held her while our uncle brought in her carrier. Mom placed her in that and closed the top while she got the needle uncapped (she had already hung the fluid bag on a hanger on the shower rod). She was able to slide the needle in w/o any problem and start the flow. The only thing she said she would do different is have a place to sit. Mom can't sit on the side of the tub because she can't see the measurements on the fluid bag.

Of course, when mom put the carrier on the floor and opened the door, Panda bolted out and under the bed.

The vet has added Benazepril. Panda will get one 5mg pill daily

Panda has started to get picky about eating the pill pockets. Mom hates to have to use the pill shooter, but she may have to. She is going to get some cream cheese at the store and try that.

Dr. Green wants to recheck Panda in three weeks (unless there are any problems before then, of course). 


  1. well that is good news!!! we will keep purring....

    ask the vet if you can crush the pills - maybe mix it in something yummy to make it easier.....

  2. Such good news! Chuck hated to get subQ at home but he was all over the vet techs, go figure! He went to the vet 2-3 times a week, thank goodness they are only 10 min away. Purrs for Panda to continue to improve!

  3. That is great news! Paws crossed that you can get Panda's medicine down her... and some more food.

  4. Yay, good news. I really hope panda recovers fast and her condition improves more. Purr...

  5. Good news indeed. Continued purrs from us!