Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turkey Vulture Tuesday

Guess what mom saw in our neighborhood last night? Oh, I guess the post title gave it away. It's true though. She saw a turkey vulture down the street from our house. She was almost home from work when she spotted this large bird with a bright red head in the distance. At first she thought it might be a wild turkey (we had one of those show up in our backyard back when it was only me and Sable in the house). Anymew, she remembered that the wild turkey she saw had a blue head, not a red head. As she got a bit closer she realized that it was a big ol' turkey vulture. Mom said it's the first time she has seen one so closely in the wild. There are a lot of possums in our neighborhood, and they aren't too smart when it comes to crossing the road. And turkey vultures eat deceased animals. I will just leave it at that. Mom didn't get a picture of the vulture, but here is one I found on the interwebs:
It's a rather magnificent bird in it's own way. And quite large, indeed. What surprised mom so much about see the vulture is where she saw it. We live in a residential neighborhood. Not in a rural area at all. But there are hawks, and occasional owl, and raccoons in the neighborhood, too. And bunnies...lots of bunnies. And squirrels. And chipmunks. What is the most unusual critter you or your parents have seen in your neighborhood or yard?


  1. Someone has to clean up the road kill! :-)

    That turkey vulture looks kinda scary to us, we don't think he'd make a tasty meal at all.

    We had a raccoon on top of our fence a few years ago, at 5AM. (We have a townhouse, with a fenced back space that we go out in.) You should have heard the mom freak out and wake the neighbours. LOL. She was worried for our safety, of course, that the raccoon would get in to our back space and not be able to get out.

    Once in a while we hear the coyotes in the undeveloped fields across the main intersection from our complex. They're kinda scary too, but cool. We hope we never seen one face to face, though! (We don't roam, but many other humans do let their cats out unattended, unfortunately.)

  2. We have lots of birdies and raccoons and occasionally a deer but never anything unusual. Just regular stuff, I think.

  3. My mom used to let Robin, the One Who Came Before me and Admiral out and there were't any coyotes then (there are now) and few racoons. Now we are caked with both. Mom's glad I stay in. xoxoxo

  4. We once had a young hawk in our should-be-catio! I think the bird was mouse hunting and wound up in there and couldn't find its way out. My human had to help.

  5. Our Mommy thinks that they are very ugly and yukky. But sumbody has got to clean up!

  6. I thought turkey would look far more nom. That guy doesn't make me want to nom him at all.