Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Acro-Cats Are In Town!!!

We are so excited, friends!!! Aunty Jen and mom are going to see the Acro-Cats tomorrow night! Mom saw them a couple of years ago when they visited town. She said it was a very cute show, and all of the kitties are adorable. All of the kitties are trained to do simple tricks and encouraged to perform with treats. However, if a particular kitty decides not to perform, that's okay too. None of them are forced to do anything. And the kitties are all rescues. If mom remembers correctly, there is even a chicken and a pet rat in the show!

We hope you like our background with the horses on it. The Kentucky Derby is on May 5, so mom helped us change the background to mark the occasion. We will put something else up after that

Purrs and prayers for any fur or family that needs them. We love you!


  1. Acro-Cats? Never heard of them. Must not have a blog...

    Enjoy the show! purrs

  2. My human saw them a few weeks ago here in Los Angeles and she loved it! I heard the guitarist for the Rock Cats part of the show, Pinky, just had cancer surgery, but she was actually up and running over to play guitar as soon as she healed up! These cats really enjoy their job!

  3. I love your background and tell us about the Acro Cats..please. xoxoxox

  4. Hi Clarissa! I've missed you! My Human has been very neglectful of my visiting! Thanks for coming by today!

    I remember that Sparkle's Person went to this show--my Human is quite envious that your Person is going to get to see them too. I hope she will report!