Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rissa Update

Mom again....Rissa is doing quite well. Dr. Green flushed the abscess out and gave Rissa an antibiotic injection and an anti-inflammatory injection. She came home late Friday afternoon. She is much too clever to wear the "cone of shame" and managed to get it off. It also stressed her out so much that it was decided that she was better without it.

She was taken back to see Dr. Green on Monday morning. Dr. Green was pleased with the way the wound was looking. She did flush it again, and said she would like to see Rissa on Saturday morning for another follow-up. If all is well, she will remove the remaining two stitches (since Rissa removed the others herself!).

All of the kitties say "hello" and I will be returning the blog back to them.


  1. Glad Rissa is doing well, despite being able to remove her cone. We hop she continues to do improve.

  2. Thanks for the good update! We hope we never have to wear the "cone of shame." Even Annie, years ago when she was spayed, wasn't given one, though they seem to be very common now.

    Good luck on Saturday!

  3. I am very happy all is going well, purrs to Rissa!

  4. Clarissa is such a typical calico - she does things on her own schedule! I'm glad she is healing well.