Monday, November 7, 2011

Mancat Monday: Memphis

Memphis Meezer here. I get to take charge of this week's Mancat Monday, just like I took charge of mom's bed last night. You see, I rarely sleep with mom at night. I will nap on her bed with my furblings. But when it is time for mom to go to bed I will usually leave. I'll go sleep with my uncle in his room. I return to mom's room in the morning because I know she will be getting up and she is our morning food source!

Well, last night I was curled up and snug right in front of her main pillow. I refused to budge! Mom got in bed and tucked me in next to her. She never expected me to stay! I surprised her and slept with her all night long. She woke up several times during the night and found me still sleeping right beside her. I was still there when she woke up at 6:30 this morning.

Now she is wondering what my uncle did to cause me to stay with her last night! He didn't do anything! I'm just changing the routine for now!


  1. Aw, we bet she was thrilled! Our mom always is surprised when Nicki stays on the bed most of the night, usually he goes off and does his own thing at night, while Derry stays tucked in beside the human, for warmth.

  2. gotta keep the people on their toes!!!

  3. It never does to let Moms get complacent...

    Mommy says with Memphis' smokey eyes he can come sleep with her anytime!
    She's a hussy, our Mom.

  4. sometimes kitties just need to shake things up!

  5. Always keep the humans guessing! That's what I say.