Monday, June 6, 2011

Climbing Kittens Video!

We may have told you how those kittens climbed mom like they were climbing Mt. Everest when she was dishing out the stinky goodness. Their current foster mom, Lisa, posted this video for our amusement. Make sure you have your speakers turned up so you can hear the kittens demanding their dinner!

The latest update we've heard is two of the kittens will be going to their forever home this coming weekend. However, we don't know which two it will be.


  1. That is a funny video! Kirzon was like that when he was a kitten -he would always climb up me at food time!

  2. HYSTERICAL! Time for clippy claws, Mommy says...she's SUCH a killjoy.

  3. those are just precious!! I like the little dance that Lisa did when the one kitty was on her tush! lol

    I also like the little piggy one at the end that had to go and eat from one of the other cat's bowls. So cute!